Pet Robots

    (Blue Dream, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Scott Christian Sava and Blue Dream Studios

From the Publisher:

Four students— Jake, Chris, Tammy, and Tommy— get lost while on a field trip to the Rooty Tooty Toy Company. In their quest to find their way back to the rest of the class, they stumble upon a room inhabited only by four military robots.

The field trip ends, but unbeknownst to Jake, Chris, Tammy, and Tommy, the robots follow them home.

Now, as they get to know their new robotic friends Rock, Wind, Aqua and Skye, our four young heroes must also avoid the evil owner of the Rooty Tooty Toy Company, Vandenburger Meisterburger. He wants his robots back. And he’ll stop at nothing.

A delightfully fun-filled adventure sure to bring laughter and excitement to the whole family.

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ca. 2008Scott Christian SavaDiego Jourdan, Villagran Studios

#1 Hardcover

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Hardcover; ca. 2007Scott Christian SavaDiego Jourdan