Hot Ní Cold Heroes

 HNCH   (A+, 1990)

ô and ©1990 Roger Broughton/Sword in Stone Productions

Throughout their long runs, Charlton and ACG were rarely bywords for quality comics. For every Ogden Whitney or Steve Ditko strip they published half a dozen more by hacks, and plenty are reprinted here by the company who bought the rights to all their old strips. Youíll discover obscure super-heroes like Crash Kid, the not-quite-polished (although enthusiastic) work of John Byrne and predictable horror. The material would have nostalgic charm if found in its original form down the back of a discarded sofa after twenty years, but reprints canít evoke memories as strongly, and a $2.50 cover price for largely substandard material negates all charm.

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Reprints from Monster Hunters #5; 1st Appearance of Hellsing; E-Man #6; Mr Muscles #23; Yellowjacket Comics #1; B&WMike Carson, Len Sly, Nicola Cuti, Jerry SiegelMike Zeck, Roger Beausoleil, John Byrne, Charles Nicholas


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Reprints O: Nemesis, Magicman; Reprint from Unknown Worlds #56Len Sly, Richard HughesDan Day, Pete Costanza, Edvard Moritz