The Cat (Aircel)

 C5YL   (Aircel, 1991)

™ and © Aircel, a division of Fantagraphics Books, Inc.

Not satisfied with being a rich and famous actress--who would be?--Peggy Day fills her empty nights with vigilante adventures as the Cat. Wearing a skimpy bondage costume complete with cape and cat ears, Peggy manages to stop pornographers, murderers, and people with very bad haircuts, all while still looking fabulous. Peggy’s movies don’t set the critics on fire, but her antics as the Cat have Tinseltown buzzing. When life gets too stressful, she relaxes in the arms of the available man of her choice—and who in their right mind would refuse the advances of Peggy Day? Using guns instead of batarangs and a motorcycle rather than a Catmobile, the Cat battles for nudity, sexual freedom, and the right to wear the highest heels in Hollywood.

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Adult; B&WBart Van ErkelMartin Lodewijk


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Adult; B&WBart Van ErkelMartin Lodewijk