The Weirdly World of Strange Eggs

    (Amaze Ink, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Steve Ahlquist, Chris Reilly, and Jeremy Mann

From the Publisher:

Kip and Kelly Hatcher are pretty much on their own. Their father is caring but distant, and the brother and sister spend their days in their own way. There are all manner of scientific experiments for Kelly to perform and no end of adventures Kip can find on their farm. But their happy routine is broken by the sudden appearance of a very strange man: Roger Rogers, who delivers “strange eggs” that can hatch into anything imaginced.

Join Kip and Kelly as they embark on an adventure that Kip always suspected was possible and Kelly could have never imagined(she really has trouble in the imagination department), filled with friends and foes who hatch from the strange eggs. As they battle vampire bats, monster trees and a sharp-toothed party hat, Kip and Kelly will learn to protect those they love and trust those who want to help them.

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B&WChristopher P. Reilly, Steve AhlquistJeremy Mann