Fallen Empires on the World of Magic: The Gathering

 FEOG   (Armada, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Wizards of the Coast

This spinoff from the Magic: The Gathering trading-card expansion set chronicles the razing of the civilizations of Sarpadia, and the epic struggle of renegade Tymolin Loneglade against the forces of destruction. The title tackles what has transpired to set these events in motion, and teaches the lesson—through Tymolin and her brother Tev—that “corruption breeds destruction, and those without mercy are those without hope.”

The Fallen Empires story, although only a two-issue mini-series, contains many helpful spell combinations and strategy tips that players of “Magic: The Gathering” can utilize in actual gaming competition. Its first issue included a booster pack of game cards.

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22 copies available from $0.96
Polybagged with pack of Fallen Empires cards; Includes Magic cardsJeff Gomez, Kevin MaplesAlex Maleev


13 copies available from $1.25
Polybagged with sheet of creature tokensJeff Gomez, Kevin MaplesAlex Maleev

Book #1

1 copy available for $44.99
Collects mini-series; Polybagged w/pack of Fallen Empires cards; Prestige formatJeff Gomez, Kevin MaplesAlex Maleev