BNFX   (Digital Webbing, 2007)

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From the Publisher:

Welcome to BloodRayne’s world. If you’re a cursed soul, a vampire, a dark nasty that preys on others… then pray you never cross her path. She’s voluptuous and gorgeous. Deadly and a Dhampir—Half-human and half-vampire. She has all the vampire powers without all the weaknesses.

So if you think you’re monster enough to take her on—just heed this warning—you might be fast, but Rayne is faster.

Deadly fast!!

For the first time ever, BloodRayne: Genesis collects the first year of BloodRayne stories. Inside you’ll find the two sold-out books, BloodRayne: Skies Afire and BloodRayne: Seeds of Sin. You also get BloodRayne: Dark Soul and BloodRayne: Twin Blades — the first appearance of DarkRayne and the origin story of Rayne’s fantastic blades.

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1 copy available for $4.25
Collects BloodRayne: Skies Afire #1, BloodRayne: Seeds of Sin #1, Bloodrayne: Dark Soul #1, and Bloodrayne: Twin Blades #1Steven O’Connell, Jeffrey Stevenson, Christina Z.Romano Molenaar, Kody Chamberlain, Rob Delatorre, Steve Scott