Eat the Dead

    (Virgin, 2007)
ô and © 2006 Virgin Comics LLC

A monstrous wood creature stalks friends bound by fate in rural India. A horror tale that takes pains to characterize its protagonist, as well it should since the entire ordeal is a metaphor for her personal problems. Lush in description, flexing both art and words with equal power to create its emotional effect, Eat the Dead is an ambitious and largely successful work by writer/artist Siddarth Kotian. If thereís a catch, itís that more elements are woven into the setup than get resolved on the backswing, but hey, Clive Barker got rich doing that too. At least these play strongly into the Indian mythology and folktales that form the backbone of the story. It could be scarier, but at least itís not mindless.

ó Brendan McGinley

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 Siddharth KotianSiddharth Kotian