Cereal & Pajamas

    (Ape, 2007)
and Ape Entertainment

From the Publisher:

No Saturday morning breakfast was complete without a healthy dose of cartoons. Inspired in style and execution by fond memories and fueled by mature storytelling, the creators of Cereal & Pajamas bring you endless worlds of adventure: faraway galaxies, zombified tomorrows, fantastic landscapes, crime-ridden cities and many more.

Saturday morning grows up with 11 original tales by industry veterans and newcomers alike.

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ca. 2007Mike Jungbluth, Ray-Anthony Height, Tim Kelly, Kenny Groom, Matt Dyer, Israel Cruz, Jeff Cruz, Ryan Brandt, Ian Seniff, Josh Ravello, Adrian WilkinsMike Jungbluth, Chris Tamlyn, Henry Frew, Matt Synowicz, Ray-Anthony Height, Jeffrey Cruz, TIm Kelly, Israel Cruz, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Dan Shoening, Bryan Turner, Will Caligan, Andrew Dickman, Jamie Snell, Josh Ravello, Bob Strang, Ian Seniff, Matt Humphreys