Warrior Nun Areala/Razor: Revenge

    (Antarctic, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Joe Dunn and Ben Y Dunn. Razor ™ and ©1999 EH! Productions

In this crossover title, Warrior Nun Areala and Razor join forces to save the life of a dying boy. Although their methods are at odds, Areala and Razor work together to find a missing doctor—the only one who can successfully complete the boy’s organ-transplant treatment.

While Areala simply wants to do the right thing, Razor carries a debt to the boy which she incurred in the past. Razor may favor interrogation of suspects, while Areala would rather persuade, but when horrible shapechanging monsters make their appearance, both have sharpened blades ready for action.

Can the heroes slash their way through the monsters and find the doctor, in time to save the boy?

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Sneak Preview: LegacyJoe DunnBen Dunn, Nathan Lumm

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Deluxe Edition with painted coverJoe DunnBen Dunn, Dorian Cleavenger, Nathan Lumm