The Art of Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind: Watercolor Impressions

 AONI   (Viz, 2007)

ô and ©1980-1996 Nibariki, 1996 Studio Ghibli

A stunning collection of Miyazakiís original conceptual art, pin-ups, and full-color reproductions of the manga covers, this breathtaking volume represents over a decade of Miyazakiís Nausicaš art presented for the first time in English. With Miyazakiís own insightful commentary coompanying the folio-sized art reproductions, Nausicaš fans have here everything they could ever wish for to complete their collection! Detailed side notes for each print also include the original dimension, medium, first appearance date of the artwork, as well as related consumer products that included the image.

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#1 Hardcover

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Folio sizedHayao MiyazakiHayao Miyazaki