JWAS   (DC, 1997)

ô and ©1997 DC Comics and Aegis Entertainment

This Prestige Format one-shot finds selected members of DCís JLA and WildStormís WildC.A.T.s teaming up to stop the Lord of Time from destroying parallel timestreams and gaining unfathomable power. Of course, as all comics fans know, no super-hero team-up is complete without a misunderstanding and a fight between the heroes involved, and writer Grant Morrison (JLA, The Invisibles, Doom Patrol) and artist Val Semieks (The Demon, Lobo) offer up a battle royale that pits Superman against Mr. Majestic, Batman against Grifter, Wonder Woman against Zealot, the Flash against Void, and Green Lantern against Maul. No doubt about it: JLA/WildC.A.T.s: Crime Machine is big-time super-hero fun not to be missed!

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Crossover with Image; Crime MachineGrant MorrisonVal Semeiks