The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier

    (America’s Best, 2007)

Alan Moore crafted one of the all-time great comics properties with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by drawing from some of the greatest literary creations in history.

In this conclusion to the trilogy, the scope of reference is opened even wider with The Black Dossier: a secret record of extraordinary persons throughout Britain’s history, stretching back past even the age when Trojan swords seized Brutain (as it was then named) from savage giants.

Returning from obscurity in the turbulent year of 1958, a now-blonde Mina Murray and a once-again young Allan Quatermain steal The Black Dossier, and a new generation of Extraordinary Gentlemen doggedly pursue the pair.

The text-heavy secret files are interspersed within the comics pages. As with every story by Moore, these pages are filled with scrupulously researched material, all meticulously detailed by artist Kevin O’Neill.

But, while a casual reader could easily follow the story with only the comics pages, I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll miss a lot of the background story.

And, yes, you will need the 3-D glasses.

— Michael Tierney

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