Wolverine Legends

    (Marvel, 2003-2005)
and Marvel Characters, Inc.

Havok is the long-time X-Man who can fire devastating plasma bursts. Wolverine is a short, indestructible force of nature with claws for hands and a really bad attitude. While on vacation in Mexico, the pair is ambushed by Communist terrorists. Separated and each thinking the other possibly dead, both Wolverine and Havok desperately search the world for signs of the other. Along the way, they become broiled in a global plot hatched by the nefarious Dr. Neutron and his nuclear-powered flunky Meltdown. At risk is nothing less than the fate of the entire Western world.

One of the last super-hero cold war stories from Marvel, this trade paperback collects Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown #1-4. The series is decorated with expressionist, hand-painted art from John J. Muth and Kent Williams.

Jerry Smith

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Reprints Wolverine (Ltd. Series) #1-4; ca. 2003Sam KiethSam Kieth


1 copy available for $7.00
Reprints Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown #1-4; ca. 2003Walt Simonson, Louise SimonsonJon J. Muth


3 copies available from $10.50
Reprints Wolverine #181186Frank TieriSean Chen


1 copy available for $12.50
Reprints Wolverine: Xisle #1-5; ca. 2003Bruce JonesJorge Lucas


1 copy available for $5.00
Reprints Wolverine: Snikt! #1-5Tsutomu NiheiTsutomu Nihei


1 copy available for $12.50
Reprints Wolverine (Vol. 3) #31-34, 41-42, 48-50; ca. 2004Larry HamaMarc Silvestri