(Strange Fear, 2007)
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From the Publisher:

Anna Mandretta is a unable to avoid the recurring dream as she is to escape her horrific reality. By day, she treats victims of their alien enemy. By night, the lucidream emmitter delivers her into another world in which she is an acclaimed surgeon at the Miskatonic Hospital.

Unable to save an infant’s life, she is assaulted by the boy’s parents. They claim that he will be reborn to live forever and rule the world in the name of an ancient chaotic force, the lake god Azag-Thoth.

Someone has altered Anna’s dream to give her uncanny abilities, but is it her superiors on the warship hoping to used her as a weapon against the Xax, or is it a hidden cult of Azag-Thoth working to summon the dark god to rule in Anna’s waking world?

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Fall 2007; B&WMichael DubischMichael Dubisch