Worlds Unknown

    (Marvel, 1973-1974)
™ and ©1973 Marvel Entertainment Group

Featuring early work by such greats as Gil Kane and Roy Thomas, Worlds Unknown had a brief, but enjoyable run from 1973 to 1974. In its pages, which included reprints from the early days of Astonishing Tales, we find aliens out to destroy the planet, modern-day men trapped in a world of dinosaurs, and other classic science-fiction tales.

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The Day After The Day The Martians Came adapted from Frederik Pohl story; Includes Nightmare At Noon, reprinted from Astonishing #54; He That Hath Wings adapted from a 1934 storyGerry Conway, Gil Kane, Frederik Pohl, Edmond HamiltonRalph Reese, Angelo Torres, Gil Kane


3 copies available from $1.50
A Gun for Dinosaur! adapted from L. Sprague de Camp story; Doorstep adapted from Keith Laumer storyRoy Thomas, Gerry ConwayVal Mayerik, Ernie Chan, Gil Kane, Tom Sutton


7 copies available from $2.25
Adapted from Harry Bates storyRoy ThomasRoss Andru, Wayne Howard


4 copies available from $1.50
Arena adapted from Frederic Brown story; Lost…One World reprinted from Marvel Tales #158Gerry ConwayJohn Buscema, Dick Giordano, Bob Powell


5 copies available from $1.74
Black Destroyer adapted from A.E. Van Vogt story; They Wait in the Shadows reprinted from Journey Into Unknown Worlds #47Roy ThomasDan Adkins, Jim Mooney, Bob Forgione, Jack Abel


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Marvel Value Stamp #35: Killraven; Adapted from Theodore Sturgeon storyGerry ConwayDick Ayers, Ernie Chan


6 copies available from $1.85
Marvel Value Stamp #32: Red Skull; Adapted from Brian Clemens screenplayLen WeinGeorge Tuska, Vince Colletta


6 copies available from $4.00
Marvel Value Stamp #75: Morbius; Final IssueLen WeinGeorge Tuska, Vince Colletta