Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang

    (About, 1920-2008)
™ and © 1922 W.H. Fawcett

Before William Fawcett entered the comic book publishing world with Whiz Comics and the debut of Captain Marvel, the self-styled humorist published a digest-sized compendium of off-color jokes and racy stories intended for an audience of young men and military veterans. By today’s standards the jokes are juvenile and the stories are quaint but in the 1920’s they were considered daring. The joke book became such a success that it was referenced in the musical The Music Man as an example of lewd and low-brow humor that parents need to protect their children from.

About Comics reprinted this complete facsimile issue with the addition of a warning on the back cover that it should be viewed in its historical context to offset any objections to the offensive and politically incorrect content.

— George Haberberger

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#30 (2nd printing)

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Reprints Vol. 3, No. 30; B&W; ca. 2008