Shy Girl

    (Best Sellers Illustrated, 2005)
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The year is 2140 and Shai Rand’s parents have been murdered. In an effort to avenge their death, she travels back in time to the year 2005, seeking out the help of her great-great-grandfather, who happens to only be fifteen years old. Writer Stephen Stern (War of the Worlds, Zen, Intergalactic Ninja) and illustrator Bill Maus (Nira: Cyberangel, Zen: Bounty Hunter) prove that celluloid-quality action can be achieved in graphic novels, as the clever paneling of each page heightens and enhances the tension of the plot.

— Jillian Burcar

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ca. 2005Stephen Stern, Rik van GlintenkampBill Maus


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B&WStephen Stern, Rik van GlintenkampBill Maus