Gato Negro, El

    (Azteca, 1993-1995)
™ and © Azteca Productions

This Hispanic-flavored super-hero series is produced by Richard Dominguez for his own Azteca publishing. The lead character is Francisco Guerrero, an earnest professional by day, and costumed crimefighter by night. As El Gato Negro (“the Black Cat”) he stands up for what is right. His first and greatest foe is a man called El Graduado (“the Graduate”), a ruthless drug dealer who also appears to have designs on Francisco’s friend Narci.

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B&WRichard DominguezRichard Dominguez


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Summer 1994; B&WRichard DominguezRichard Dominguez


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Fall 1995; B&WRichard DominguezRichard Dominguez


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 Richard DominguezRichard Dominguez