Mucho Grande, El: Wrestler for Hire

    (Airwave, 2003)
ô and © Airwave Comics

If I Dream of Jeannie and Spells didnít already prove it, then this comic book will: Yambar is the king of whimsical weirdness.

El Mucho Grande is an 8Ĺ-foot tall, 2,500-pound Mexican wrestler who has just moved to Wisconsin, taken a job as U.S. ambassador to Saturn, and unwittingly unleashed Ragnarok. Now, thatís weird. And when itís revealed that he was so big as a baby that it took two women to give birth to him, that isnít just weird; itís hilarious.

Teamed up with fellow Jeannie collaborators Broderick and Ken Wheaton, El Mucho Grande is another treat that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. The only complaint? Although the book is broken into four stories, 64 pages of whimsy can be a bit exhausting, especially at the breakneck gag-a-minute pace.

Jokes, gags, parody, satire: Itís all here. Thereís even an appearance by Golden Age Green Lantern creator Mart Nodell! Just be sure to read this in segments to avoid a case of comedic indigestion.

ó Jim Johnson

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64 pages; ca. 2003Chris YambarChris Yambar