The Darkness/Wolverine

    (Top Cow, 2006)
™ and © 2006 Top Cow Productions, Inc. & Marvel Characters Inc.

The sinister power of the Darkness has been handed down from generation to generation, while the X-Man Wolverine is seemingly ageless—just when you think you know how long he’s been around, Marvel writes a new story which suggests he’s even older. Small wonder, then, that a crossover between these two creations would start in one era, and conclude in another. In the 1940s, Roberto Estacado attempts to eliminate Logan. Decades later, his grandson Jackie gets the opportunity to finish the job. Much blood is shed on both sides, but can either of these powerhouses truly be defeated for long?

This fairly traditional story of heroes meeting, fighting, and ultimately settling their differences is written by Frank Tieri, and benefits greatly from lush art by Tyler Kirkham.

— Andy Richardson

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