Diary of Night

 DION   (Bloodfire, 2008)

™ and © 2007 Will Allred, Gene Gonzales, and Bloodfire Studios

Catherine Morrison has spent the better part of 900 years walking the line between humans and vampires...protecting her people from the worst of humanity and humanity from the worst of her people.

Her vast wealth established the Phoenix Foundation, a non-Profit corporation whose sole purpose is to help her kind and give them a safe place…a place to belong and be understood. And yet, she chooses to remain an outsider.
She is feared and sometimes even hated, but she's never been hunted.

Until now.

Diary of Night is a different take on vampires. You won’t find any mythical creatures of the night within its pages…just normal people afflicted with a rare condition that gives them amazing abilities, but at the same time marks them as different and renders them very vulnerable and afraid.

– Will Allred

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2 copies available from $1.99
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