Batman: Broken City

    (DC, 2004)
™ and © 2003, 2004 DC Comics, Inc.

Originally planned as a graphic novel and then serialized in the pages of Batman over five issues, this story by crime–master Brian Azzerello (100 Bullets) and Eduardo Risso (Batman Black and White) was a smash success. Pitting Batman against some of his most vicious rogues in a murder mystery with plenty of seedy action, Azzerello constructed a story that will probably rank among the best in the long history of the Dark Knight. If you like noir fiction, pick this book up. Risso’s dark, moody art is perfectly suited for the dark streets of Gotham.

— Ryan H. Jackson

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Collects Batman #620-625; ca. 2004Brian AzzarelloEduardo Risso

#1 Variation A

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2020 Edition; Collects Batman #620-625Brian AzzarelloEduardo Risso

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Collects Batman #620-625; ca. 2004Brian AzzarelloEduardo Risso