Roswell, Texas

 ROSY   (Big Head, 2008)

© 2007, 2008 L. Neil Smith, Rex F. May,Scott Bieser, Jen Zach

From the Publisher:

Rember the Alamo?

In an alternate universe, Davy Crocket survived the 1836 siege at the Alamo, and Santa Ana did not. This changed history for all of North America: Texas remained an independent republic; Mexico fell under the rule of the French and did not regain her independence.

In 1947, Texican President Charles A. Lindbergh learns that a flying saucer has crashed near the far west Texas town of Roswell. He dispatches his best friend, “Wild Bill“ Bear, and three of his best Texas Rangers, to investigate. Our four heroes find themselves in a race against agents from the United States, the Franco-Mexican Empire, the California Republic, and the Third-and-a-Half Reich, to find that crashed saucer and learn its secrets.

And as a result, they will change the course of history, again.

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B&W; ca. 2008L. Neil Smith, Rex F. MayScott Bieser, Jen Zach