Triple Dare

 TRIE   (Alternative, 1998)

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Remember DC Challenge? Creators would throw down the gauntlet for one another and see what their colleagues would make of the cliffhangers and titles they inherited from previous issues. And it was a God-awful mess.

Triple Dare is another attempt at creators challenging one another, but with more coherent results. In this issue, the three dares involve: (1) describing something, then depicting it, (2) utilizing the geography of a particular island, including its wild dogs, and (3) the inability to use big words or exclamation points unless they are both in the same sentence.

Tom Hart, Nick Bertozzi, and James Kochalka step up to the plate for the issue, with Matt Madden providing a back-cover strip using the dare elements. (Madden fails the exclamation point test with “Come away, man!” There’s no three-syllable word in that sentence.)

These are not great stories by any stretch. The interesting part is seeing where different creators go from the same starting point. It’s less interesting for people who just want to read a comic book than it is for those who want to know what creators will do in a given set of circumstances.

— Jack Abramowitz

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