(Atheneum, 2008)
© 2008 Hope Larson

From the Publisher:

Abby is back at the same old camp she goes to every summer ó except for the fact that this summer, nothing is the same. Her friend Rose is a cabin assistant, her friend Beth is pierced, and now the only person who doesnít seem too cool for Abby is Shasta, the new girl.

1. who is one-eigth Cherokee.
2. who was struck by lightning
3. whose Internet boyfriend is a senior in high school.
4. who canít do activities because of various questionable ailments.
5. who is totally annoying to everyone but Abby.

Can Abby be friends with a girl who all her other friends canít stand? Especially when Shasta has secrets that she isnít even telling Abby?

Brilliantly plotted by Eisner Award winner Hope Larson, this is the story of one summer that will most definitely be different from the rest.

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