(CFD, 1995)
and 1995 Frank Forte and Bob Murdock

New York of the future has great advances in biomechanics, but great dangers as well. One of those dangers is the cult of Zandvich, a ruthless crime lord who desires a legion of battle-borgs to rule his own private empire. But the government has a bio-fluid, which stabilizes any artificial life form DNA. With it, honest citizens now have Warlash, an armored dispenser of justice whose main goal in life is to finally take out Zandvich and all of his murderous bio-clones.

A violent title for mature audiences, Warlash probably halted after the first color run due to changes in direct market distribution making it difficult for many independents to get out there (according to Asylum Studios).

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 Frank ForteBob Murdock, Frank Forte

Ashcan #1 Variation A

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Anubis Press; Special San Diego edition of 1500; Includes COA; B&WFrank ForteBob Murdock, Frank Forte

Ashcan #1 Variation B

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White/Purple Edition; B&WFrank ForteBob Murdock, Frank Forte