…One to Go

 ONTG   (Äardwolf, 1997)

™ and © 1997 respective creators.

Writers Clifford Meth and Mike Pascale team up to present a macabre collection of modern horror stories. Meth’s work has been spotlighted in a similar title, Perverts, Pedophiles, & Other Theologians, while Pascale is the creative talent behind the rude and crude blockhead (literally!) named Bru-Hed. Their stories explore such controversial issues as necrophilia, murderous employee rampages, and homicidal love affairs. The grim subject matter is eased by the intentionally obnoxious humor of Bru-Hed.

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 Clifford Meth, Dave Sonnett, Mike PascaleMike Pascale, Paty Cockrum