13: Assassin Comics Module

 1ACM   (TSR, 1990)

™ and ©1990 TSR Inc.2

In 1990, games manufacturer TSR stepped into the comic publishing arena. However, their comic books had a unique twist to them. The comics were actually called “comic modules” and acted as a springboard into the world of role-playing adventure games. TSR, the same company to introduce the world to Dungeons & Dragons, felt that the combination of the two mediums was a logical step to take. A reader could read about a certain hero, in this case 13 Assassin, and then become that hero in the game.

13 Assassin features an immortal character known only as 13, who has been around for centuries. In 1939, he was ripped apart by thirteen people and his head was kept in a box. It is now the 1990s, and he is back, and he’s not very happy about the last sixty years.

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Wraparound Cover; Escape From The Brotherhood - Solitaire Boardgame; ca. 1990Mike W. BarrRobb Phipps


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