STAU   (Arcana, 2004-2005)

™ and © Arcana Studio

The hilarious thing about this comic book is that the creators hired someone specifically for copy-editing and lettering. The script is littered with missing punctuation, but at least everything’s spelled correctly. Seriously, though, the voiceover captions are the best part. The main character, Starkweather, has a witty and clever thought process. Commenting on the nature of his powers, he compares himself to Presto from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

The art is in the classic Image style; John Bosco’s pencils are inconsistent. The first and last pages are beautiful, but, whenever the action gets too thick, the art becomes muddled. Bosco needs to add more gutters between panels. On one of the early pages, the main character’s hair in one panel runs into his hair in another. The art also doesn’t always agree with the script. For instance, Starkweather refers to a character using a speed-loader, but no such device is depicted. In these cases, it’s a good idea to revise the dialogue after the writer sees the art.

— Steve Horton

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