3x3 Eyes: Curse of the Gesu

 3ECG   (Dark Horse, 1995-1997)

and 1995 Studio Proteus and Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

3X3 Eyes: Curse of the Gesu was released by Dark Horse Comics under its manga division in 1995. It reprints the original 3x3 series published by Innovation Comics in 19911992.

The story centers around Yakumo Fuji, a sixteen-year-old who was turned into an immortal zombie after being saved from death by a demon. The demon was actually the spirit creature of Pai, an alien girl with three eyes who had sought out Pai to escape her own immortal existence. She and Fuji must seek out an artifact which will allow her to die, and restore Fuji to a normal human form.

Yuzo Takada wrote and illustrated this series, which was originally published in Japan in 1989.

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