The 6

    (Virtual, 1996)
and Virtual Comics

The Blast has been defeated, and apparently killed, by his archenemy, the Primary. His destruction caused his powerful ionic energies to be released into the atmosphere. The Primary had planned to steal these energies for himself, but instead they were absorbed by six teenagers with spectacular results. Each of these youths gained incredible powers, and have been recruited by the government to replace the Blast as super-powered operatives.

Manstarr, Slammer, Ion, Fyre, Axle, and Psyanide have only just begun to learn about their powers, and each other. But time is against them, as they face the continuing threat of The Primary, as well as a possible alien invasion.

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 Fabian NiciezaGreg Luzniak


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 Fabian Nicieza, Louise SimonsonGreg Luzniak


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 Fabian Nicieza, Louise SimonsonGreg Luzniak