G.I. R.A.M.B.O.T.

    (Wonder Color, 1987)
™ and ©1986 Kevin Juaire. Art ©1986 Tom Lyle

In the future, war hasn’t disappeared from the world, it’s just gotten more high-tech. Machines battle against other machines, and no one ever really wins these bloodless battles, for victory would end the war—and the all-important corporate profits. Such insanity compels a throwback warrior named “Ram” Stewart, a man who used to live for the honor of the battlefield, to take up arms again, and remind the world that man is still better than machine. Before long he’s stealing an experimental robot, the G.I. Rambot, and changing the entire face of the unending war. With any luck he might just end it altogether.

Published by the Wonder Color Comics, the series is notable for featuring early art by Tom Lyle, who went on to bigger and better things at Marvel Comics a few years later.

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 Kevin JuaireTom Lyle