Dark Crossings

 D7G9   (Image, 2000)

™ and ©2000 Image Comics, Inc.

In the Top Cow tradition of epic, crossover, mini-series comes a story that spans the ages and features the popular characters Laura Croft, Sara Pezzini, and Jackie Estacado. When Laura Croft is sent to recover the mysterious weapon known as the Sword of Lucifer, she could never begin to imagine the sword’s dark history.

In the Dark Ages, a man named Gideon used the sword to battle Zara Queen of the Bones only to be defeated by her powerful Witchblade. When Gideon seeks the aid of the legendary wizard Merlin, Merlin sees his opportunity to enact his revenge against the one man responsible for destroying Arthur’s Camelot, Lancelot Du Lac. Merlin achieves his goal by imprisoning Lancelot in a stone gargoyle turning him into The Butcher Knight.

Now, the fatal deeds of the past invade the present and darkness reigns in this story written by popular television writer Charles Holland who wrote Murder One and Millennium. Dwayne Turner (Spawn) handles the artistic chores. Also, issue one includes a detailed preview of The Butcher Knight series.

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