Blood íní Guts

 BLNG   (Aircel, 1990-1991)

ô and ©1990 Barry Blair and Aircel, a division of Malibu Graphics, Inc.

Blood íní Guts is takes place in a future where the good jobs have moved to Mars and Venus, and Earth-born people are thought of as second-class citizens. When Earthlings were able to scrape up the money to move off Earth, they found themselves consigned to live in the slums.

Then, as it sometimes does, technology found a way to make a bad situation worse. Brain transplantation was perfected, allowing the well-to-do to wear bodies like designer clothes, then simply cast them off and have their brains transplanted into a new, cloned body when the mood suited them. Suddenly the rich could live foreveróbut the masses were left to wait in line for bodies to become available. Eventually, they got tired of waiting for a shot at immortality and rioted. On Earth, a pair of vigilantes called Blood íní Guts try desperately to keep the peace.

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