Re-Animator: Dawn of the Re-Animator

    (Adventure, 1992)
ô and ©1992 Adventure Comics, a division of Malibu Comics Entertainment

Re-Animator, one of the most popular horror movies of the 1980s, is a gore-fest about a scientist who brings the dead back to life. Dawn of the Re-Animator is a prequel to the movie, detailing the adventures of young Herbert West as he struggles not only to prove that his serum works, to avoid arrest for murder, and at the same time, to not lose his University funding!

Westís troubles begin when he uses the serum on his colleague Dr. Gruber, apparently dead from a heart attack. Unfortunately, there are some rather grisly and eye-popping (literally!) side-effects, none of which seem to include Gruberís reanimation. This, of course, brings him into conflict with the police, the Universityís Board of Inquiry, and Gruberís estranged daughter.

Meanwhile, the powerful Erich Metler, a man obsessed with immortality, wants the secret of Westís formula, and has already unleashed his zombie thugs to retrieve it.

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