Frankenstein (Mary Shelley’s…, 2nd Series)

 FMS2   (Puffin, 2005)

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Everyone knows the story: Scientist Victor Frankenstein endeavors to create life, and succeeds. His success, though, brings him no happiness; the monster he creates is too horrible for him to face and ends up taking out his own loneliness and frustration on his creator’s loved ones. This adaptation of the classic horror tale is faithful in words and arresting in pictures, with a truly fearsome monster, a haunted Frankenstein, and a sympathetic group of poor, doomed family members.

The mass-market paperback-sized graphic novel is one of a series of Puffin Graphics adaptations of classic novels, this one by Gary Reed and Frazer Irving. Supplemental materials include features on how the novel was adapted and how the creators worked together to produce it.

— Andy Richardson

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B&W; ca. 2005Mary Shelley, Gary ReedFrazer Irving