X-Men: Books of the Askani

 XMBA   (Marvel, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Marvel Characters, Inc.

X-Men: Books of the Askani is a book about the future. In X-Factor #68, the X-Man known as Cyclops gave his son to a representative from the future so that the dying babe might live. This plot twist became the central point not only of Cable’s origin, but also of the Age of Apocalypse saga that swept through the Marvel books in 1995.

Books of the Askani is a crucial sourcebook which fills in the details of the world where the boy—Cable—grew up. Each of the major characters in the future world is described in prose form. Next to his or her description or history is an illustration of that character, including artwork by the likes of Bill Sienkiewicz and John Bolton.

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Wraparound cardstock cover; Background info on Askani’sonScott LobdellBill Sienkiewicz, Doug Alexander, John Bolton, Larry Stroman, Trace Drury