Empire (Image)

    (Image, 2000)
™ and ©2000 Mark Waid and Barry Kitson

Ten years ago, the mysterious Golgoth, a super-being bent on world domination, did what so few super villains manage to do—he actually succeeded. Now, as absolute ruler of a great and terrible empire, Golgoth keeps order through his super-powered minions, who in turn are kept in check by means of a mysterious drug known as the Eucharist—a drug whose secret one of his minions has discovered. Now Golgoth must tighten his tyrannical grip even further, or risk abdicating control of the world. So why do we get the feeling that would be a bad thing? Under the wise hand of master writer Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Flash, JLA), nothing is what it seems in this darkly familiar empire, which is rendered by artist Barry Kitson (JLA: Year One). In the end, readers are left feeling almost sympathetic for a despot who is on the verge of losing the world he holds in his hideous thrall.

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