Great American Western

    (AC, 1987-2002)
™ Americomics, ©1987 AC Comics. Features © their respective creators

Both dust and splendor of the wild-wild West are stirred up again—presented in full color in this short-lived series from AC. Here are stories featuring pioneers, polecats and the proverbial masked man-with-no-name. And then there are some fast draws that do have colorful names, like Santee and the Missourian—bold men who ride in, dispense justice with the gun and ride out into the sunset. These are stories about hard times, where the law was as remote as the horizon, and when justice did come it was quick and sometimes cruel, but you must understand, as surely did the folk that ventured out beyond the markers—this is simply the way of the frontier.

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New material; Back Cover Virgin Pin-Up by Heike; Inside Front Cover pin-up by Black; Inside Front Cover B&W Photo pin-up; ca. 1987Bill Black, Rick Burchett, Don SecreaseAndy Garden, Rick Burchett, Don Secrease


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Partial Photo cover; Durango Kid Cover; Reprints Durango Kid (Magazine Enterprises) #42: text feature about The Durango Kid; Reprints Red Mask #26; Reprints Great Western #11; Reprints Billy the Kid Adventure Magazine #21; Collects material from Durango Kid (Magazine Enterprises) #42, Red Mask #26, Great Western #11, and Billy the Kid Adventure Magazine #21; Includes new text feature Tribute to Magazine Enterprises Comics of 1940’s-50’s by Black; Back Cover B&W Photo Pin-Up; Inside front and back covers B&W Photo pin-up; 40 pages; B&W/ColorGardner Fox, Bill BlackFrank Bolle, Bob Powell, John Severin


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Tom Mix  


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