Wolverine: The Anniversary

    (Marvel, 2009)
™ and © 2009 Marvel Characters, Inc.

(from the publisher)

Double-sized one-shot with two all-new stories! In “The Anniversary,” it’s terror at thirty-thousand feet! It’s a few days before the anniversary of Mariko’s death, and Logan is making the long pilgrimage to Japan to pay his respects when his 747 is suddenly seized by a group of terrorists who plan on blowing up the craft over downtown Honolulu! If Logan is to save the plane and its passengers, he’ll have to rely on all of his guile, instincts and predatory skills... because all it takes is one bullet to destabilize the plane’s pressure, or a split-second’s warning for the terrorist leader to detonate the bomb strapped to his chest...And in “Ghosts,” a squad of ninja assassins is the least of Logan’s problems.

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 William J. Harms, Jonathan MaberryJefte Palo, Tomm Coker