Marvel Spotlight: New Mutants

    (Marvel, 2009)
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(from the publisher)

When the New Mutants burst onto the scene during the early Ď80s, they gave young readers an insight into the life of teenage mutants living in the shadow of the world-beating X-Men. For many at the time, Dani, Rahne, Sam, Roberto and Shan werenít just new mutants - they were OUR mutants! And for the next decade, we thrilled along with their exploits as they honed their powers and became bona-fide heroes among the various teams of X-Men. Now, in the wake of X-INFERNUS, the classic lineup of New Mutants is back together again! Join MARVEL SPOTLIGHT as we have a blast covering 25 years of great storytelling and exciting action, and look forward to the lives of our heroes as told by writer Zeb Wells and artist Diogenes Neves. Itíll be a New Mutants classic!

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ca. 2009John Rhett Thomas, Chris Arrant, Jess Harrold, Sheila Johnson, Alex Lear, Dugan Trodglen