I Love You (Avalon)

 ILYA   (Avalon, 1999)

™ and ©1999 Avalon Comics Group

Is this truly the way comics used to be before super-heroes took over the medium? Every trite cliché of love is on display here, in “exciting true life stories” of romance and relationships. The selection features a truck-stop waitress who dreams of meeting a man she can fall in love with…and then meets two, who are prepared to fight over her. Also featured is an innocent young woman trying to run the family department store; and another woman whose idealized memories of a past lover threatens a present romance. It’s a dime-novel-romance world come to life in comic books.

Published originally by Avalon Communications and reprinted in black and white by America’s Comic Group, this title even reprints original ads for such things as thin thighs and mail-order miniature dogs. The stories are uncredited, but the creators probably wouldn’t mind very much.

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