(Ape, 2005)
ô and © 2005 James V. West & Ape Entertainment

While not your typical art for a fantasy comic, James Westís style still shows influence of the genre as sort of an animated version of Richard Corbenís work. This collection of short tales (some with dialogue, some strictly picto-narrative) stars Fawn Rainchild, a redheaded she-devil with a sword. And yes, she takes a romantic partner who looks like Conan. But thatís about the end of the similarities. Humans are by far the minority species in the pre-historic world of Pangea. Sword and sorcery are the two methods of survival afforded them. Itís a pretty good start, and will probably grow into its skin in the upcoming Pangea: Seven Arrows graphic novel.

ó Brendan McGinley

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