Walled In

    (Ape, 2009)
™ and © 2009 Ape Entertainment

(from the publisher)

The origin story of Malastraza, the brilliant, yet disturbed architect and sociopath. In this chilling graphic novel of love, betrayal, and obsession the roots of his madness first take hold. From his humble beginnings as a precocious honor student in a Paris Academy, to his tutelage in the dark arts of occult architecture, Malastraza learns that many of the secrets upon which civilizations are built have been drenched in blood. When he is betrayed by his mentor and the woman he loves, Malastraza’s obsession to create the perfect structure leads him down a dark path where victims must be sacrificed in service of his grand vision.

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Precursor to Walled In movieRoger MincheffDennis Calero