Herbie (Dark Horse)

    (Dark Horse, 1992-1993)
™ and ©1992 Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

In his everyday identity he’s just Herbie Popnecker, a globe-shaped boy with a bowl haircut. But in his secret identity as the Fat Fury, he is the lollipop-wielding super-hero who brings fear into the hearts of evildoers everywhere.

Although he washed out in his attempts to become a Fully Licensed Super-Hero (he couldn’t master the trick of spinning an enemy around in mid-air), Herbie never gave up his dream of greatness. So when Mr. Horrible went on a rampage, he donned a set of red pajamas, grabbed his favorite lollipops, and saved the day.

A strange and silly limited series, Herbie reprints stories from the classic 1960s title by Ogden Whitney, and introduces new stories by such contemporary greats as John Byrne.

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