(Blackline, 1995)
and 1994 Spy Productions

This black-and-white series from Blackline focuses on the future of the automobile industry. Here, cars have risen above the concept of being a utility or a convenience; they are, instead, extensions of the people who drive them, thanks to genetic and cybernetic advances. Some nice drawings of automobiles and the details of their various specifications take up a good portion of the first issue of this title.

Presumably, the comic is meant as the come-on for a role-playing game, although this is not entirely made clear by the first issue.

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1 copy available for $2.75
2nd Printing (first printing published by BlackLine Studios, Oct 94); Flipbook with Swarm #1Perry S. YemPerry S. Yem


No copies available
Publisher changes to Mushroom ComicsRick DonatoPerry S. Yem