B-Movie Presents

 BMOP   (B-Movie, 1986)

™ and ©1986 B-Movie Comics

The goal of this black-and-white series is to capture the feel of old-time movie serials. The rotating features—The World of X-Ray and Captain Daring—offer sharp contrasts in storytelling style and sensibilities.

Captain Daring of the Interplanetary Police Force will evoke feelings of déjà vu from anyone familiar with Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon serials. But while the movies had to scrimp on special effects for budgetary reasons, creator Kenneth Holewczynski has no such excuse, unless he really intended to replicate shoddy sets and cheap-looking props.

Mark Paniccia’s pre-apocalyptic World of X-Ray is populated by stock futuristic punk bad guys, physically enhanced police officers known as Alpha Cops and, unfortunately, poor grammar. X-Ray is one of the Alpha Cops, whose pursuit of a drug ring leads him to a painful discovery and tragic consequences.

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 Ken Holewczynski, Mark PanicciaKen Holewczynski, Mark Paniccia


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  Mark Paniccia, Ken Holewczynski


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 Ken HolewczynskiKen Holewczynski, Mark Paniccia


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Final issue; B&WMark Paniccia, Mike SmithMark Paniccia, Mike Smith

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Contains B-Movie Presents #3 (Tasmia, Congo Queen), #4 (Matrix the Accelerator), Reacto Man #1, Vault of Doomation #1; ca. 1987