Absolute Death

 ABSD   (Vertigo, 2009)

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From the pages of Newbery Medal winner Neil Gaiman’s THE SANDMAN comes the young, pale, perky, fan-favorite character Death in a new Absolute Edition collecting her solo adventures! Featuring the miniseries DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING #1-3 in which Death befriends a teenager and helps a 250-year old homeless woman find her missing heart. Also included is the DEATH: THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE 3-issue miniseries featuring the story of a rising star in the music world wrestling with revealing her true sexual orientation just as her lover is lured into Death’s imminent realm. And enjoy a plethora of extras including the DEATH TALKS ABOUT LIFE AIDS pamphlet, stories from VERTIGO: WINTER’S EDGE #2 and THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS, the short story “The Wheel” from the 9-11 tribute book, SANDMAN #8 and #20 and extras from the DEATH GALLERY one-shot along with an intro from Amanda Palmer, the lead singer of the hit musical group The Dresden Dolls!

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#1 Hardcover

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Hardcover; Collects Death: The High Cost of Living #1-3, Death: The Time of Your Life #3 and from Vertigo: Winter’s Edge #2, Sandman #8 and #20; ca. 2009Neil GaimanMark Buckingham, Chris Bachalo, Jeff Jones, Dave McKean, Mark Pennington