The Matriarch

    (Arcana, 2009)
ô and © Arcana Studio

(from the publisher)

Career woman. Single mother. Super-hero. Sherry Benning knew having a baby would change her life. She didnít know it would change the world. After running into two of her old super-foes in a single day, the Matriach begins to fear she has stumbled onto one of those plots where some evil mastermind throws a heroís entire rogues gallery at her - and she has - but the ultimate truth is stranger still: a group of mutants has chosen the Matriarch to be their protector, but in order to do that they have to keep her fighting and off-balance. Can Sherry balance her career as the Matriarch with some quality time with her son, a new advertising campaign for a heat-activated conditioner, and time for drinks with the girls up in the clouds?

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 Robert Burke RichardsonSteven Yarbrough