(Image, 2003-2004)
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Super-heroes eventually get old, or at least they would in real life. Brit is the darkly comic portrait of an aging super-soldier. Although he owns a strip club and has a relationship with one of the young dancers, he is not an unsavory character but rather a simple man who sees fighting bad guys as work. Brit recalls Garth Ennis’ Hitman for its blue-collar look at super-heroes and over-the-top violence. However, Brit is subtler and more interested in developing characters and friendships than shocking readers with perverse humor, and it’s nowhere near as glum as it seems on the surface.

— Michael Sutton

If you’ve read Brit and Brit: Cold Death, you know that Brit is Earth’s last line of defense, our super–powered guardian, and one… old… dude— who’s enjoying a quiet life with his beautiful bride Jessica and raising his son, Brittany Jr. But since Brit’s still working for the United States government, he’s who gets called when a cadre of aliens attack the Earth, and he’s certainly not going to take that lying down. Does Brit have what it takes to turn the tide of this invasion? Find out in this terrific one–shot from writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cliff Rathburn.

— Thomas Moudry

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